WSHS Girls’ Volleyball Launches 2018 Season

Jordynn Leigh, Staff Writer

The Winter Springs High School girls’ volleyball teams overcame nerves and jitters and tackled their first game of season at Trinity Prep.

With a mixture of stress and excitement the girls were ready for their first game. All the players were hoping to win this game, because it is one of the biggest games of the season.  It starts a team’s reputation and effects a team’s confidence for the future games.

First up was the freshman team at 4:00, which is best out of three sets. Each set is played to 15 points. Then the junior varsity team played at 5:00, best out of 3 sets as well but played to 25 points for the first two. Finally, the varsity played at 6:00, best out of 5 sets and each played to 25 points.

The freshman team played first. Their captains were Tiffany Brown, number ten, Cynthia Williams, number nine, and Jordynn Leigh, number 27 who also played the libero position.  Although it was a tough game that resulted in a loss in the first two sets, the team managed to say motivated through it all.

Williams described the team’s method of motivation.

“Trying to stay calm, not getting mad by focusing on winning,” she explains.

Sydney Greco believes that the team’s biggest weakness was lack of unity.

“Not having the best teamwork. And not putting full effort,” said Greco.

The freshmen coach seems to agree. When asked what the team will be working to improve on Cheryl Bowlus answered with, focus and putting fear away so they can put all their effort on the court.

The Junior varsity team played second. Their libero position was played by, Abby Moyer, number 27. They had a close game going into a third set. They ended up pulling through at the end winning 15-12. Sarah Curran, number 9, said they did have some weaknesses of not working together as a team this game.

Kaya, The team manager, said that the team was able to win though by sheer strength and determination.

“Staying strong through their mistakes,” is how she explains the win.

The varsity team played last. They had Madeline Johnson, number 22 as their libero. They sadly lost in the third set. According to Sierra Spade, number 12, their defense and passing was their strong suit that game. Which was proven by their 48 digs. They also had 26 kills. Even though it was a hard loss Courtney Wagner, Number 11 said they stayed motivated by relying on teammates.

Kaley Mudge, number 3, won player of the match for this game with 5 kills