Class Spotlight: WSHS Innovates Through Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is a recent addition to the WSHS curriculum that students have enjoyed immensely.

Siana Tricoles, Staff Writer

Here at Winter Springs High School, there are many programs available to take other than just the standard science credits. Physics, chemistry, and biology are the basic science classes most students take in high school.

Renewable energy is offered to provide a Dual Enrollment course pathway for current high school students interested in sustainability and renewable energy. The three-course sequence includes a survey of alternative energy sources followed by an in-depth analysis of residential and small commercial photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Renewable energy is energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power.

Winter Springs High School is one of the only schools in Seminole county that offers a renewable energy class. Taught by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Nunez, students can learn various ways to renew energy. Not only is this a unique science class, but it can also be a dual enrollment class.

Johnson teaches the dual enrollment course which counts as college credit. Dual enrollment is different from an AP (advance placement) class. Dual enrollment is when you are considered a student at SSC (Seminole State College), whereas with an AP class the student is considered a high school student who is taking a college level course.

Students in this class are taught to use energy in ways they may not have known otherwise. Using wind and solar energy can help the planet. Students will hands on create and make renewable energy items. Throughout the year, students will make a series of wind turbines and solar cars.

There are also solar classes that are available to take as well as the renewable energy classes; part of these classes’ resources include solar panels and a solar-powered golf car on campus at Winter Springs High School.

“This class is to teach students that everything doesn’t need the use of electricity,” said renewable and solar energy teacher Mr. Johnson.

Coming up on Tuesday, April 3rd, students from Winter Springs High School will travel to Keeth Elementary to teach and show young students firsthand about renewable energy. The program has been going to Keeth for the past couple of years, and students from both schools enjoy learning how to sustain energy and showing the uses that this kind of energy can provide.