The Weeknd’s My Dear Melancholy Review


The Weeknd's newest album, My Dear Melancholy, tells the story of heartbreak.

Olivia Temple, Staff Writer

On “My Dear Melancholy,” the Toronto-born singer, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), puts his cavernous emotions into this album. After a split with previous girlfriend Selena Gomez, he writes “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life.” Recently Gomez had a kidney transplant and The Weeknd being madly in love, would’ve donated a kidney for her, but her friend Francia Raisa had already committed. On songs like “Wasted Times,” he admits the wrongs he made in the relationship, but he focuses on blaming love that he had lost from previous girlfriends: Gomez and Bella Hadid. He criticizes Gomez’s lifestyle with the song “Privilege,” telling her to “enjoy her privileged life” without him, and eggs on her ego with “I Was Never There” when he says “it’s all because of you.”

French composer and producer Gesaffelstein, whose past collaborations is the EP’s only featured artist. The Weeknd wants this album to hit those who has endured from a heartbreak. Having his own voice be the only voice on the track tells that us that those are his feelings and not someone else who was featured on the track; I love this because anyone who has experienced heartbreak can deeply relate to what his lyrics mean. The album was released on the night of March 29th and clocks in at 22 minutes.