WSHS Tennis Racks It Up

The WSHS 2017-18 tennis season has begun, and the team is off to a great start!

The WSHS 2017-18 tennis season has begun, and the team is off to a great start!

Olivia Temple, Staff Writer

Get ready to rack it up with a new season of tennis at Winter Springs High School. Head coach Heather Walton wants to do things differently to bring in more wins. Walton says that her players are skilled in hitting the ball back and forth but will be working on techniques and skills. Overall, the team plays in 16 games—21 if they make it into Florida State Championships which will be held at Red Bug Lake Park.

Coach Walton does all the technical training with the players; she teaches them strategies and techniques that they need to improve their game. The WSHS tennis team consists of 20 students: six boys and 14 girls. Katie Loftis, a junior on the girls tennis team, has won more matches on the than any of her teammates with five wins out of the six games they have played so far. Heather wants this year’s players to really focus on the technical training she has taught them during practice and to use it when playing a match.

Junior Sara Mobeck has been playing tennis all her life.

“It’s a wonderful way to make more friends and I love what I do because it keeps me busy and it’s something I really enjoy doing. When I’m not doing homework or working, I will most likely be on the court. I dedicate my time to play tennis, but I know that being a student comes before being an athlete,” Mobeck said.

This year Sara Mobeck is ranked four out of the 14 other girls on the team. She plays against the fourth ranked person on the other team when she has a match.

“This year,” Mobeck continued. “I would like to be ranked one and be a great student, but it’s a lot harder than it seems because I usually have a lot of homework and then I work most weekends anyways.”

Senior Brad Harmon wants to make his last year playing the best he’s ever played.

“Being my last year playing the sport I enjoy, playing is tough because after high school I’ll be in the army and won’t be able to play tennis anymore, so I want to give everything I have into this year’s season. I’ve made new friends and have learned new techniques that have helped me win my games, and I’m very grateful to be on the team.”

All the players and coaches want the best for each other and the players learning new strategies. This year, they’re hoping to bring home a State Championship trophy!