WSHS Baseball Season is Beginning


The WSHS spring baseball season is just beginning and the players are looking forward to a great season.

Olivia Temple, Staff Writer

Baseball will be swinging into a new season for spring. Coach Nathanson is preparing the boys for their new season and will be hoping to win districts this year. Tryouts this year will be on February 13th at the baseball field and come dressed appropriate (baseball shirt, shorts and cleats) for anyone interested.

Coach Nathanson has been coaching baseball for nine years. He coached at Trinity Prep, Seminole and now coaches at Winter Springs. Nathanson began playing pro-ball after college and fell in love with the sport. Once he retired, Nathanson decided if he can’t play the sport, he can coach it.  Besides coaching baseball, he teaches World History and Sophomore Seminar. For fundraising during Spring season, Nathanson has the boys stand outside of Publix asking people to donate. During the fall, he fundraises by holding a “hit-a-thon.” A “hit-a-thon” is people paying money for every foot a player can hit the ball. He says that this fundraising opportunity is very successful.

Senior Michael Jordan has been playing baseball since he was four years old. He plays as a catcher or third baseman. Jordan does not plan on playing baseball when he graduates; instead he plans on going into finance, but he likes to play as a high school experience. He has learned from his peers and his coach that playing sports gives him a second family. The way Jordan balances sports and school are giving up his social life outside of school, so he can make the grades and to be able to play baseball.

“The boys on my team are my social life and that’s how I balance school and sports because I play the sport and have people to talk to that are on my team and I am close to,” says Michael Jordan.

Jordan conditions in the off season, by taking an hour out of every day to improve on his skills. He also plans on hitting better and believes his last season at the Springs will be one to remember.

Parker Laffrey, 11th grade, plays as a catcher, infield or outfield and has learned to play hard as a team which brings success. His favorite part of the season is going home after practice from baseball and soccer because he needs to recover and rest up for the days ahead. Laffrey does offseason training by playing on a summer team. He plans on hitting better and wants to improve on throwing, so he can win another award like he did his freshman year with the MVP award.

Another member of the team, Nolan Vargo, grade 12, tore his meniscus during fall season and is recovering and putting in effort to be able to play this season. Vargo has been playing since he was five years old and is going to commit this season to play in college. Throughout his years playing, he learned that arduous work, dedication and to always give 100% will get things done. During offseason, Vargo plays on a summer team, Chandler baseball. This season he plans on working harder so he can get back to playing and can improve more than he did last year. Vargo also plays golf when he’s not on the baseball field. Last season he was given an ACE award at the fall banquet. An ACE award is the team voting on which teammate had the best attitude and showed the most effort and concentration.

Jordan, Laffrey and Vargo plan on playing with much determination whether this will be their last season or if will be playing during college. Their main goal this season is to beat Hagerty because they have not won a game against them. The boys put so much time and dedication while also having fun and that’s all that matters.