WSHS Winter Showcase 2017



The Winter Springs Band of Gold looks forward to their showcase performances on December 7th and 8th.

Mackenzie Grzesik, Editor-in-chief

The annual band, chorus, and color guard winter showcase is Thursday, December 7th and Friday, December 8th at 7pm. Showcase is an annual concert put on by the Winter Springs High School band, chorus, and color guard students. Throughout the show, color guard performs routines and small groups of musicians perform popular songs such as “Sweet Caroline,” Disney medleys, and more around the auditorium,and the evening ends with the showstopping song “Homeland” by Gustav Holst performed by the entirety of the band and chorus.

For the show, each section from the Band of Gold gets the opportunity to showcase their specific instrument’s abilities. In the past, sections have played everything from “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story to “Africa” by Toto. This year, the audience has much to look forward to with performances of the Batman theme by the trumpets, a Maroon 5 medley by the saxophones, “Hotel California” by the Eagles from the trombones, and more.

For chorus’s part of Showcase, similar to the band performances, small groups composed of differing people and voices sing different songs. This year, Mixed Concert Choir is singing “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles, and several groups are bringing Christmas cheer with a performance of “Silver Bells” from Bear Voices and “Winter Wonderland of Snow” from Ursa Minor.

Color guard also performs during the night with a routine set to the song “Praying” by Ke$ha. In the past, the WSHS color guard has struggled with membership; however, this year, the team is rejuvenated and has shown their dedication with a larger team, numerous practices, and a class during the school day.

Not only are there the set pieces by each section or each chorus class, but other musical groups may be put together and perform as part of the event. Each group not automatically included in the setlist for the night must audition. Some of the groups for this year are the student band Little Shakedown performing “Make it Rain,” Ellie and the Rebels singing “Tonight,” and a Euphonium duet performing the Mission Impossible theme.

At the conclusion of the night, the full symphonic and concert band and chorus perform full songs. Concert band is playing “Farandole” by Georges Bizet, symphonic band is playing “Procession of the Nobles” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and chorus is singing “Requiem” by Eliza Gilkyson. Then, the musicians come together to perform “Homeland” by Gustav Holst and the Winter Springs High School Alma Mater.

Another attraction of the night includes the opportunity for guests to win baskets either donated from outside parties or created by students. At the event, guests may purchase tickets and drop them in front of baskets they want to win, and at the end of Friday night, winners are announced. This year, basket themes will include chocolate, Christmas, Star Wars, and more.

Band, chorus, and color guard students all look forward to this time of year immensely. Although they are separate organizations within our school, the band, chorus, and color guard have a great deal in common. The basis of a love for music within the groups makes each of their individual performances throughout the year something to look forward to. However, the nature of showcase, in bringing them together makes the night something remarkable.

Each year, many friends, families, and members of the community come out to see the show, and it is not uncommon for tickets to sell out. Tickets are $8 and can be bought either at the show or before from any band or chorus member.