Christmas is Around the Corner

The hype of Christmas sometimes overlaps with the celebration of Thanksgiving.

The hype of Christmas sometimes overlaps with the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Siana Tricoles, Staff Writer

The holiday season has begun! Halloween just ended, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.

After Halloween many people start to put up Christmas decorations days after October 31st, forgetting that Thanksgiving is in between the two. There can be many factors on why some people decide to “skip” the Thanksgiving celebration after Halloween and go straight into the Christmas spirit. Stores such as Walmart and Target start to put out Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. The weather changes over the weeks and start to get cooler. Cooler weather makes people want to wear big warm sweaters and cuddle with a blanket and hot cocoa under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is an exciting holiday for people to celebrate but Thanksgiving is as well. Thanksgiving is the one time of the year where most families gather together to eat a meal and give thanks. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is likely forgettable with all the Christmas celebrations going on in the world. Hallmark channels has Christmas movies playing 24/7 the day after Halloween. Television, radio, and Internet promote the Christmas season and completely skip the Thanksgiving celebration time.

People would probably embrace the Thanksgiving spirit more if the radio played songs about thanks and turkeys rather than sleigh bells and Santa Claus.

“We are ONE WEEK into November. It is way too soon to be getting all excited for Christmas,” said Maeghan Siliezar, a writer for the odyssey online newspaper.

The question on whether it is officially Christmas time after Halloween can be debatable. According to a BuzzFeed quiz called “When are you actually allowed to start celebrating Christmas,” the question “When is it okay to start playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” at full blast?” was asked and 34% of voters chose the answer December 1st. Another question was asked “When is it okay for shops turn on their Christmas lights?” In response, 52% of voters said in late November. This data supports the opinion that Thanksgiving is a valid holiday to celebrate before Christmas yet people still start to celebrate Christmas before Christmas season is here.

Overall Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all holidays worth celebrating in their own ways. Forgetting a holiday is like forgetting to celebrate your own birthday. Each holiday represents something special and worth remembering. Giving thanks is just as important as putting up a Christmas tree with presents.