Cliques on Campus

Kendall Wasman, Student Contributor

At every school across the country there are cliques. A way that students can improve life on campus would be to communicate with as many people as possible. In today’s world, there are the “rich kids,” the “jocks,” the “smart people,” etc. We hang out with the people we feel most comfortable around. So, if you are a jock, you hang out with the jocks because you can relate and always have something to talk about.

If we tried to communicate with all different kinds of people, we would enjoy our classes more from the aspect of being comfortable with talking to whoever you are sitting with. In all classes at school, there is a mix of people. Whenever there is assigned seating, everyone seems immediately upset that they can no longer sit with their friends because they do not know anyone else. If we made an effort to try to talk to other people, it would not be horrible if you could not sit with your friends. It is even harder if in some classes, there is nobody that you know or you happen to be the new kid.

Also, there are always people who do not feel like they belong in any of the so-called “cliques.” These people are usually quieter and do not talk to anyone in the class because they feel like they can’t. If we made an effort to talk to everyone and eliminated the cliques, then these people would most likely be more apt to talking to people and would feel more included if someone went out of their way to talk to them.

This also does not pertain to just being in the classroom. It happens at lunch as well, where there are groups of people together and then there are people sitting by themselves feeling unaccepted or like they’re being judged. Student life at school would be so much more enjoyable for everyone if we attempted to talk to everyone.

In conclusion, there are many ways that students can improve life on campus. But, one main way is trying to communicate with everyone to make people feel less alone. This is the only way to get rid of the cliques.