Bringing Student Involvement Back to WSHS


Andriana gives her two sense on how to improve WSHS for everyone.

Andriana Gibiser, Student Contributor

Winter Springs is a school full of spirit and involvement whether it be from the staff, like Mr. Jarzynka dressing up like the 90s hit, Flava Flav, or the students in the form of leadership club. However, the attending teenagers at WSHS often feel like their ideas are all too quickly overlooked if they aren’t in leadership or a class of the like. Although the leadership program is an amazing opportunity to get involved and take responsibility, it is easy for ordinary students to feel left out or unimportant in the process of making decisions in regards to the student body. The most recent example of this comes with the past homecoming week 2017.

Some students were unexcited and almost upset over the events and homecoming dress up categories for each day that week. It’s not that they were bad, it is that the students wanted to have a say in the categories that they themselves were going to dress up as. These issues escalated to an even greater scale when one Winter Springs student even held an anti-homecoming Saturday night to have fun and let her own individuality and ideas shine through. It is believed that if she had a say in what the theme for homecoming was, she would have had a more enjoyable experience that week. It isn’t that students don’t get the things they want, it’s the fact that they don’t even have the opportunity to be heard. If all students keep a positive outlook and have their ideas heard, this school will have improved spirit and excitement.

Although the school has great fun at events like the Friday night lights and spirit nights, some student feel their voices aren’t being taken into consideration when it comes to things that take place during the average school day. It would be great for student morale to have simple things such as polls and idea boxes that they can drop or send in their ideas for school events. It’s amazing that people in this school can work to bring appreciation and celebration to little things such as sports games, however positivity and student interactionism can drive the school to a more unified voice.