How Students Can Improve Campus Life

Cierra Rodriguez gives her opinion on how campus life can be improved.

Cierra Rodriguez gives her opinion on how campus life can be improved.

Cierra Rodriguez, Student Contributor

Students have the ability of improving campus life just by making a few simple changes. We can begin by having a positive mindset. Positive thoughts would not only influence others who compose of the student body, but also teachers and administration. This overall attitude would lessen stress levels and result in us being united as a school.

If negativity due to dislike of certain things, such as Homecoming dress-up days or certain school-related events arises, complaints should be taken up with the organizer or someone who can create a compromise. Talking about how something on campus displeases you to other students only causes a bigger problem and causes others to be biased. Take the high road, and explain your thoughts to someone who can actually do something about it. Students can participate in school events, show school spirit, and join clubs. By connecting with students and staff around you, it creates a more comfortable atmosphere. This would improve life on campus by yet again, uniting us as one. By having a common central theme, which is pride in being a Winter Springs Bear, everyone can get along and share good vibes.

A big part in creating a better campus life, beside positive thoughts and involvement, is cleanliness. The act of simply picking up your trash is so undermined. This falls back onto the janitors and staff, who then have to work even harder. Not only does it affect staff, but also some students. They find disappointment in the fact that someone could treat his or her school in such a manner.

Campus life is dependent on students’ actions and thoughts, it’s up to us to make it even better.