Troupe 5777 Gears Up for District Thespian Festival

Keelin Myers, Student Contributor

From November 15th to the 18th, the Winter Springs High School thespians and other high school thespian groups will all be competing at the Districts Thespian Festival. This competition is a chance for young students to pick pieces and show off their skills in both the tech and acting aspects of theater, and perform front of judges and other people for a chance to perform at a professional theater at the end of the festival. It is an amazing learning experience for the students. It allows them to pick songs or scenes that they connect with and workshop them with their teachers to learn all the different ways on how to prepare for a part. It also allows the amazing techs to show off their set designs for up and coming directors to direct scenes all on their own and get feedback on how to improve. Some of the categories are duet musical, ensemble scene, duet scenes, large group musicals, small group musicals, set design, student choreography, student directed, and so many more! Another big thing that happens at the festival are One Acts. They are shows cut down to one act and are performed and judged for two days. Every school performs one, and the top two will get to perform their one act at the state festival in April and also the Orlando Fringe Festival in May. Last year Winter Springs won second place at districts and won first for best techs. We are hoping to win again and keep our streak of getting best techs. The students have been practicing for months now and can’t wait for next week!