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Winter Sports are Beginning

Markel Bradley, Staff Writer

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October is here, and winter sports are around the corner. Here at Winter Springs High School, the winter sports teams that we have are: boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ soccer, and girls’ soccer. In each of those sports, Winter Springs is known to be pretty successful when it comes down to competing.

This year, Coach B is coaching our boys’ varsity basketball team, and Coach Witherspoon is coaching our boys’ junior varsity basketball team. Freshman is being coached by Coach Ondraus Campbell. Each coach has expressed their interest in what they’re in search for as they prepare to put together this year’s basketball team.

“So basically what we’re looking for, is guys who are dedicated, and almost obsessed with having good leadership/organization. With school and sports, you have to be able to organize your time. We’re looking for someone who can prioritize, and have a list of what they need to do, and of what’s most important to them.

Our girls’ basketball coach is Coach Joseph. The girls’ basketball team went very far last year losing no more than four games. Unfortunately they fell short in districts, but overall, our girls’ basketball team was very well-built last season.

Male students are set to try out on Monday, November 6th, 2017. Female students are set to try out on Monday, October 30th, 2017 after school. Those who are interested in trying out for the team must have both a physical, and athletic papers filled out and turned in before being eligible to try out, or participate in any open gyms that are held after school.

Coming up soon also, are soccer tryouts. Just like any other sport, you must be academically and behaviorally prepared to try out. Mr. Oettl the soccer coach, says that when picking a team, he looks for strong minded individuals, with positive attitudes and intentions towards other teammates, opponents, and coaches.

“When picking a team, there are usually four categories I’m looking for: physical fitness, speed and strength, tactical, which is simply understanding the game, technical, which is your skills, but also your personality and attitude towards your teammates, coaches and overall if you would be a good teammate.”

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Winter Sports are Beginning