Homecoming Week is Coming Up!


WSHS is preparing for homecoming week festivities.

Siana Tricoles, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again! The fall season has started and homecoming week days are out. Homecoming is when school spirit is spread and pep is shown. The homecoming dance is Saturday, November 4th.

Each day during the week will have special themes related to the Wizard of Oz. Monday, October 30th is “We’re not in Kansas anymore, this means that each grade level wears a different outfit. Freshmen dress as munchkins. Sophomores dress as the characters of Oz, meaning Dorothy, the Lion, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow. Juniors wear outfits that represent the Wicked Witch and flying monkeys, and seniors dress as the characters from Emerald City.  Tuesday, October 31st is Time Twister Tuesday, where students dress from another decade. Wednesday, November 1st is Back in Kansas Day. Kansas day is when students dress in flannels and country gear. Thursday is character day! Dress as your favorite characters. Friday is the homecoming game so dress decked out in purple and gold!

Considering this will be the first homecoming for many students, leadership is working hard as always to make it one to remember.

Throughout the week there are events as well as the dress up days. Monday is the Hagerty football game. Tuesday is Halloween so there is no scheduled event. Wednesday is All Fired Up at lunch which is to get everyone excited and to unite the school. Thursday is powderpuff, which is when the boys cheer and the girls play football, and Friday is the homecoming football game against North Marion High School.