Senior Events Recap

Siana Tricoles, Staff Reporter

The end of the year is here and senior events are coming fast. The graduation cap and gowns are already here at school ready for pickup, senior picnic happened and, grad bash was a success.

Senior picnic was April 21st , 2017 and all the seniors gathered in the football field to celebrate the end of the year together. There were several fun activities including water slides and different sports, people also brought their own Frisbees and footballs.

The fun for the graduates isn’t over just yet; grad bash was on April 28th , 2017 have access at both universal and islands of adventure.

The last year of high school can be very expensive. The cost of your cap and gown, grad bash tickets, senior pictures and class rings add up very quickly.

On April 24th , 2017 there was an award show held for all students at Winter Springs High School. It was held to recognize students’ achievements. Selected seniors were also granted scholarships for various reasons.

Grad bash is an event where high school students from multiple schools all across the state of Florida come together to celebrate the success that they have achieved in high school.

The dress code for grad bash was very detailed. Students could not wear shorts above mid-thigh, sport jerseys, school shirts, or anything that started a debate.

“It was very busy and fun, people were out of dress code from other schools, but butter beer is amazingly tasty,” said senior Brandon Taft.

Overall there have been many senior events this year, but don’t forget the most memorable; Graduation is May 24th, 2017 at 2:30 pm in the CFE arena, so come celebrate the seniors and their achievements.