Dress Code Checks


Siana Tricoles, Staff Reporter

Over the past few weeks administrators have started to enforce regular dress code checks once a week.

Multiple faculty members go into classrooms and scan the students to see if they are in dress code.

The reasoning for this decision is administrators believe that students across campus have been taking advantage of the “leniency” that has been given here at Winter Springs High School.

There have been mixed emotions by the students and staff.

“It’s unnecessary because it’s only towards females,” said freshman Caitlynn Thompson.

In the Seminole County Public School guidelines, it clearly states the rules of appropriate clothing for the classroom.  The dress code includes no halter/tube tops, no backless dresses/tops, and spaghetti straps. Also, dresses, shorts, and skirts must be mid-thigh. The only rules that can be towards the male students is the “no sagging or baggy pants” and the “no hats” rule.

“It’s ridiculous that some people get into trouble and others don’t. Men should be able to control themselves if a girl is wearing appropriate out of dress code clothes. Guys do not have limits the way that the girls do, and the dress code is simply sexist,” said junior Xandria Molina

Living in Florida the dress code can be very difficult to follow considering the hot humid weather.

Vice principal, Mrs. Kristi Draus said “People have been testing the dress code lately because of the warmer weather. Being involved in the education system for 10 years dress code has been a part of most school I’ve been at, that being said, does not make it enjoyable to have to send students up to change their clothes.”

Overall, dress code is there for a reason. As long as people follow directions they will be right on track with administration.