Black History Month Show Recap

Siana Tricoles, Staff Reporter

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African Americans.

Black history month begins on February 1st and ends the 28th. Here at Winter Springs High School, there is an annual Black History Month show that displays the talents of the students and educates them about the challenges that come with being an African American.

“The show is usually great and it happens every year,” said senior Sam Rios.

This year’s theme was “The crisis in black education.” The show was hosted by senior Brandon Bradley and was sponsored by Assistant Principle, Mrs. Jamie Washington.

At the beginning of the show everyone stood and recited the  Pledge of Allegiance and the JROTC color guard presented the colors, which means the United States flag and the school flag are presented in a ceremonial order.

“Presenting the flag to the student body gives me pride and honor,” said Captain Oshea Dogue

After ROTC presented the colors, freshman Markel Bradley performed the Black American National Anthem. He also took the stage a second time with sophomore Jamila Williams.

The show consisted of a performance from the Hunnybear dance team, who executed a dance to the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Also, color guard team member Lenah Dennis had a visual performance with purple and gold for bear pride. Directly following Dennis’s routine Ty-Keya Roebuck, Jasmine Spearman, and Taikeith Bailey performed an upbeat hip hop number that had everyone cheering. Young Women of Excellence also performed a skit, along with Young Men Of Excellence’s conversation about HBCUs. HBCUs are the historically black colleges and universities. Lastly, the Thespian Troupe performed the piece 96000 from In The Heights. The piece was very musical and theoretical. The cast that performed were Elijah Hamilton, Ayana St. Vil, Lance LaBonte, Hayden Wolfe, Svetlana Kendrick, Sadie Janelle, Joseph Velazquez, Giancarlos Coris, Sophie Cooper, Madeline Hull, Dustin Batchelor, Gabriel Figueroa, and  Keely Meyers.

The black history month show was an overall success that highlighted the education of African American people in history.