Sadie Hawkins Dress-Up Week Recap

Siana Tricoles, Staff Reporter

This year there have been multiple days to dress up; homecoming week and winter week. Thanks to Winter Springs High School’s Hospitality and Tourism class, there is another week of dressing up, February 13th through February 17th which was Cupid’s week. The week is leading to the Sadie Hawkins dance, where girls ask guys to the dance, rather than vice versa.

Monday is “Stop Light Day” in which students wear red if they are “taken”, green if they are “single”, yellow if “it’s complicated” and white if they are “talking.”

“It was funny how people were basically saying their relationship status on a color of a shirt, it made it clear who is actually single,” said sophomore Mythos Rodriguez.

Living in the 21st century, there is this new relationship status called “talking.” This term means that you are dating without a title, o

Tuesday is a little different considering it was actually valentine’s day. The dress up day is to wear your favorite valentines color, like red and pink. Some people dressed up in nice dresses or dress shirts.

Wednesday is “Decades Day,” depending on your grade, students dress up from a specific decade. The decade for seniors is 50s, juniors is 60s, sophomores is 70s, and freshman is 80s.

Thursday is “Dynamic Duo Day.” You dress up as your favorite pairs, for example, SpongeBob and Patrick, Mario and Luigi or Batman and Robin.

Friday was dress up as your favorite candy day.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is on February 17th, 2017 , and the dress attire is casual wear. Jeans are okay, just no cutouts.

“Having a Sadie Hawkins dance is really exciting because this is the one time that girls actually get to ask a guy,” said junior April Chirinos.

Overall, Cupid’s week was fun for all the students that participated, and was the perfect way to celebrate the week of Valentine’s day.