Scholarships 101


Whether you are a freshmen or senior, it is always a good idea to get a head start on scholarships.

Siana Tricoles, Staff Reporter

High school gives you tons of opportunities to become educated about the process of college. Being a junior or senior can be extremely stressful with all of the exams and tests needed for college.

SAT scores are a big deal for colleges. They look at those scores to determine if you are good enough to go to their school.

“You should take the PSAT as many time as you can, time yourself and take it seriously,” said senior Weston Sanford.

Many people have been offered scholarships here at Winter Springs, especially for sports.

Junior Chris Jarrett, has been offered volleyball scholarships to a few colleges for, Rollins, Wake forest, and long beach universities.

“To get colleges to notice you, email them and try to get tons of attention from the college coaches. Usually, they will ask for a highlight video of you playing that sport to see your potential,” said junior Chris Jarrett.

Applying for scholarships may be a lot of work, but imagine the possibilities if you would just look online and in your school to see the possible results. Scholarships offer money for college tuition, and if you apply for some, you never know how many people applied for the same one. What if you are the only person who applied? Then you automatically win the money.

Senior Brandon Bradley applied for the Seminole County Martin Luther King Junior Oratorical Scholarship he won the scholarship. Four people applied in all of Seminole county. Four. You never know the possibilities.

“The advice that I would give underclassmen on how to do good during their junior year is to focus on school, also to start to look into schools that interest you,” said junior Sebastian Castro.

Junior year is the year when all of your classes matter the most. If you take more than four AP classes, you can take an AP study hall… use it wisely.

Scholarships are a great asset to your college life; they can help you so much. If it’s an athletic scholarship, academic or just any other scholarship out there, apply apply apply!