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WSHS Senior Wins Second Place at Martin Luther King Scholarship Competition

Nicole Rumman, Editor-in-Chief

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One of our very own students and senior class president at Winter Springs High School, Brandon Bradley, received a $500 scholarship on behalf of the Martin Luther King Junior Day celebration committee in Sanford, Florida. This competition was open to all high school seniors in Seminole County.

Elementary and middle school students can submit a poster, for a chance to win a contest, while high school seniors have the opportunity to receive a scholarship. Every year, the committee comes up with a topic question for the students to answer through a speech.

The MLK day festivities started on Friday, January 13th, 2017 and lasted until Monday, January 16th, 2017. On Friday, Bradley recited a speech answering the topic question, “How would Martin Luther King respond to “all lives matter.” And on Monday, was given the opportunity to ride in a convertible in the MLK parade.

Bradley stated, “It doesn’t feel real yet but it is exciting that paying for my college education is a tad bit easier, now that I will be awarded this money.”

Bradley’s advice for those that are looking for scholarships or applying specifically for the MLK celebration committee one is:

“Apply for everything. Even if you are not confident, go for it. You have a 99.9% chance of placing. Even if it is the smallest amount of money, that amount will help you attain your college education. People keep telling me to apply for everything because some are overlooked. If a scholarship is $100 at least it will buy you a book. Apply for everything and anything.”

This way of thinking can also apply to this specific scholarship in that with the opportunity open to so many students, only four applied.

Bradley also mentioned, “My dad told me that if God opens a door of opportunity, he will make provisions for you to enter through it.”

For those that want to research more scholarships, there are multiple outlets to do so. There is a direct link on the WSHS website’s home page and the “College and Career Room” is located in Guidance and open during lunches. Students can also ask their guidance counselor for more information about the new program, Naviance, which gives student easy access to colleges and scholarships all on one website.

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The student news site of Winter Springs High School
WSHS Senior Wins Second Place at Martin Luther King Scholarship Competition