A New Girl Group Comes to Town


Left to right: Brienna, Shyann, Kristal, Ashly, and Gabrielle, on the set of the first official music video, L.A.N.C.E.

Brandon Bradley, Copy Editor

“Girl power” is most definitely present in the air, as newly formed girl-group June’s Diary, takes the spotlight. The five girls, Ashly, Brienna, Gabrielle, Shyann, and Kristal, were a part of the thousands of girls who auditioned to be a part of singer and actress, Kelly Rowland’s docu-series, Chasing Destiny.

Kelly Rowland, former member of award-winning girl group Destiny’s Child, held a keen desire to create the world’s next top girl group. To bring her visions to life, Rowland worked alongside director and choreographer, Frank Gatson, Jr., as well as BET Networks. After several weeks of vigorous singing, dancing, and coaching, Rowland was sure she’d found the five girls who were made to be stars.

Ashly, Brienna, Gabrielle, Shyann, and Kristal, are five African-American women, each possessing a unique and eloquent sound. Alone, they are five different voices, but together they are the gracious harmony known as June’s Diary. The girls decided upon the name after spending the month of June 2016 in deep connection, and deciding that through their music careers they wanted to continue documenting different elements of their lives.

The five members alternate in creating video diaries on a variety of topics for their fans. Sometimes hair and makeup, other times life experiences and advice.

Though young in their careers, the girl group has already had several live performances across the country. Most notably, the ladies went viral this past weekend after performing the Negro National Anthem, Lift Every Voice, at rapper Ludacris’s “Ludaday Weekend 2016,” in Atlanta, Georgia.

With only two singles, All of Us and L.A.N.C.E., the girls plan to release their first official EP this fall. Over the course of the next few weeks, the girl group has plans of traveling to cities such as New York City and Philadelphia, where they will perform their two new songs and more.

June’s Diary is on the rise and ready to take over the world of music – girl group style.