Is There a Lack of School Spirit at WSHS?

Is There a Lack of School Spirit at WSHS?

Brandon Bradley, Copy Editor

Over the course of the past few years, Winter Springs High School has experienced what some consider to be an inconsistency in the amount of school.

Our school spirit deficit raises several questions. – Why do so many students bash their own school? Is WSHS really that bad? Only one answer comes to mind, and that is the issue of school spirit within WSHS, and the lack thereof. School spirit can be defined in a few different ways, as can most words or phrases. The similarity within each definition lies in that each highlights a never-ending positive attitude felt and exercised by both students and teachers toward their school.

While many students blame poor Leadership, administration, or things as simple as “lame” pep-rallies, what in actuality is the root of WSHS’s lack of school spirit?

When asked the simple, yet profound question, WSHS senior Deilani Mendez, spoke up without hesitation.

“Our school lacks school spirit because we are not all willing to support each other,” said Mendez. “The support cannot be just for the football games, but for the other things like drama or bowling – things that most people overlook. To those involved, it is just as important and should be taken just as seriously.”

Support for those within one’s school plays a huge roll in their level of pride and positivity exhibited toward the school. As stated by Mendez, this means supporting everything that means anything to anyone within the school.

Many students have realized the lack of spirit which lies within the school and have taken to social media to express their desires to strengthen it. Senior wrestler, Max Wohlabaugh tweeted just this past week that he “want[ed] WS to have the most lit student section this year.” Although many students retweeted and liked the post, will students step out of their comfort zones and join Wohlabaugh in making an active effort to turn these mere statements into actions?

Senior Max Wohlabaugh shared his feelings about lack of school spirit on Twitter.
Senior Max Wohlabaugh shared his feelings about lack of school spirit on Twitter.

According to senior and Student Government Association chief of staff, Cameron Fricke, WSHS definitely lacks in school spirit, however, it does appear to be growing.

“Whether it’s new pep-rally ideas or senior painted spots, Leadership is working very hard to promote and increase school spirit,” said Fricke.

Fricke believes that students should essentially put away their fears of going the extra mile for their school. This means dressing up for homecoming week, painting your face for pep-rallies and football games, really just anything to promote your school spirit.

Many students have already begun efforts of implementing things of the past to overall promote their pride and the need of more positivity and support for the various programs of WSHS. From football to volleyball, to tennis and lacrosse, the “Purple People” of WSHS are in full effect and ready to take over the 2016-2017 school year, offering their support to all of the students’ endeavors.

High school is only what you make it. In order to see school spirit increase and ultimately peak, students must resolve within themselves to have a positive attitude and support their school – day in and day out, win or lose. As the cliché saying goes, these are some of the best years of our life, and we will never get them back. Are you willing to accept the challenge of stepping up and expressing your love, support, and unfathomed loyalty for your school?